Wednesday, 27 October 2010

i miss little miss ana

i just miss my funny, free-spirited and talented one and only sister.

i could use some of her energy in the house right now.


adrian and i loved it when she was here.

she just fitted in, like she lived here for ages. in the country, and in our home.

i cant wait to have her again in 2012.

by then, id be energised to do alot of the beautiful things i was surrounded by when she was here: make-up, photography, theatre, dressing-up, museum trawling, bookstore hopping, stationary smooching, and food feasting.

im so excited with the thought of surrounding myself with those girly luxuries when she's here.

*praying to heavens*


{photo: thats her, Ana, just outside our favourite Fortnum and Mason store..after that,we had Knickerbocker glory ice cream in their parlour and a mini shop of a book she found (which she left here by the way)...its nice to have a sister who's such an individual and so different from you, yet so much the same as well}

Thursday, 21 October 2010


will do art for food..


i am in the stage i can't wait to finish this research i am doing. its not even the last research i will be doing. this one's just a baby.

once i'm finished, i can do the thing that i love..working with patients.

by then, i am off to work my tooshie off once again even more, but this time, in practice.


i thank diversions, and hobbies. it makes me attuned and connected to the outside world.

and gives my tired soul some rest.


and i thank the sanctuary of prayer.

it gives me the peace to calm down my nerves .


i wish

..i could finish my report now, so i could stay in my room and cry my heart out. right now, im soooo busy to think and have any other emotions other than think of QT data and comparative analysis. honestly..i cant cry even if i wanted to..i just wish i could to stop this searing pain in my chest.

i have a burden that i carry, regarding some news i just got. its so disheartening when you're not included in decisions, when all you do is include such persons in all your life-changing decisions.

maybe i should do the same.

maybe i should just stop caring.

maybe i should just..


am i wrong in feeling this way? maybe i am.

maybe its time for me to do some life changing decisions too without considering other people,huh?

i wonder how that feels?


and probably, if i don't care much, maybe, i will stop this nonsense too. i wouldn't be working so hard, i wouldnt be working my ass off like i'm a machine made of steel.


if i had to give myself an advice right now, i would probably say " enjoy life, and stop caring too much".

maybe i should do just that.

or maybe, i could just go and top myself. (sounds like the very easiest option, to be honest).


you see, i was alright the last could of weeks. you dont mind hard work when its rewarded with love and mutual respect.

but if you see otherwise, you wonder, 'what am i doing this all for?'


i wish you all a better day than what im having;

a better life than what i have at the moment.

tagay ta na!

Monday, 18 October 2010

missing moments with her

someone asked me where i get the energy to listen to people's aggros and problems and make them laugh.

in truth, i do have that energy because there is someone in my life, who listens to my shallowness, my whines, and very own aggravation.

my best friend, Kharla.

she listens to my dramas, my problems (true and self-inflicted,haha) without any judgement ,with all ears, also in the end she prays with/and for me.

in other words, she is my shrink. by being so, she gives me all the energy (and sanity) to cope with homesickness and some more extra.

so having her here in my house as my treat was nothing to me. it was nothing for the big and great things this woman has done for me.

i miss her. and i look forward when she could come back and i could treat her special once again.


waiting for the train

another train ride with the best friend i am lucky to have been given

the day we saw the Pope..


do you miss your best friend?

Saturday, 16 October 2010

mini-dates are a lifeline makes life better.

it makes relationships better.

it makes our hearts go round.

it makes us a better husband and wife team..=)


i took adrian to a mini date this afternoon for just a little recoupe and regrouping.

adrian and i do this regroup and reconvening away from home, away from the energy of work, and the mundane..and away from the computer, because when were at home, him and i are at our respective computers typing away (him on his work), while i, on my research (or Facebook,haha).

so today, we had a little date. not planned. not organised. just a "come,lets go, lets make an ordinary saturday evening special by chatting".

so we did.

my date

the rouge

chatter chatter chatter

pleased missus...


on another note:

a few saturdays ago, i attended a first year old's birthday party. she is my grandniece Anya=)

my!! this little madam is now growing..why do i say so? she now knows she's being photographed..just look at the head tilt=)

such a tease=)..

im her grantie ragen, and adrian is the grancle=)

i dont mind being a grantie at all=)


have a beautiful sunday my loves.